A bed&breakfast for

relaxing studying living for you.

The idea

B&B Letterario

The project

A family atmosphere, a safe haven for everybody.

The bedrooms

Three industrial-style rooms, for all tastes.

The surrounding area

Inside the old walls of Ravenna within walking distance from the city center.
What we offer

Not a simple B&B

Three industrial-style rooms, in memory of the artisans, blacksmiths and farriers that until the end of the nineteenth century were in this street, where they lived and worked inside their workshops in the bass of the houses facing the street. Today they are used for the reception of guests, where the breakfast is an experience of life that the landlady will make unforgettable.

What we offer

Many free services

We make our host feel at home.

Private parking

Garage for your bikes and mechanic

Small library

Internal garden

Free stories and smiles

Last news

Last minute


For info and booking, contact us

Inside the old walls of Ravenna within walking distance from monuments, churches and museums (inserire link), in the area where before there was an Etruscan amphitheater, then the Circus at the time of the Roman Empire (today they are completely disappeared). Legend has it that right here the night of January 10, 49 B.C Julius Caesar set off for the Rubicon river that then marked the border of the Republic, with his personal guard, to pronounce the famous phrase that marked the fate of Rome’s history: “Alea iacta est”, the game is afoot.

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